Be Smooth

Calling All Smoothie Lovers

The absolute easiest way to guarantee that you will get all the vital nutrients you need in your diet is to start each day with a refreshing smoothie filled with high quality fruits, vegetables and protein.

In our extremely on-the-go society, nutrition is often put on the back burner and many people are beginning to suffer from weight gain, energy dips, mental fog, or even critical health conditions.

It is painful to watch the people you care about struggle when you know there is an easy and affordable solution that will dramatically improve their quality of life.

The Perfect Treat for Adults and Children

Smoothies are your answer, but we understand that many people are absolutely lost when it comes to combining ingredients in order to make this nutritious treat taste great!

At our upcoming Smoothie Making Event we will showcase our favorite recipes, share copies of each concoction with you, and even let you taste anything you desire. We will also show you how to add essential oils to boost flavour and nutrient efficiency.

In addition, this event is going to be packed with an enormous amount of fun because outside of filling your appetite with nutritious smoothies, you are also going to have the opportunity to meet like-minded people.

We tend to attract individuals who already live a healthy lifestyle or are motivated to make a change. The environment is always uplifting and we share inspiring stories of people who have transformed as a result of better health choices.

Smoothie Social Night

We have always believed that every person on the planet deserves to experience everything life has to offer, but the only way this will not happen is if you are held captive by your health. There is a powerful proverb which states, “He who has their health has 1,000 dreams, and he who doesn’t has one.”

Our goal is to help you either dream again or dream bigger, and starting off each day with a tasty, easy, and nutritious smoothie is the first step.

When And Where
From July 11, 2017 - 07:00 PM To 9:00 PM AEST
12 Candlebark Way New Lambton Heights 2305 Australia