Women's Health 101

Treat Your Body Right

As women, we have unique needs when it comes to physical health and wellness. From reproductive health to beauty tips, we’ll discuss common inquiries I get from women as a health specialist. Together, we will also discuss mental health, as the impact media has on our self worth as women, as well as tips for self-care and combating anxiety.

During this experience, I want to work with you to answer questions and dig deep into personal issues related to women’s health that you might have otherwise been embarrassed to discuss.

We’ve reached a frontier of health and wellness that offers women more options than ever before when it comes to caring for their bodies, and I want to help you understand what your options are! Join me for this experience and add to your toolbox of knowledge!

Meet Carolyn Wiseman the Facilitator of Women's Health 101

When I look around and see how many people in this world are suffering from stress, anxiety and poor health I am motivated to help. By reaching out to others we can bring back a sense of community, a sense of support and offer a guiding hand through this world of "everything is Ok on the outside". It's Ok to be vulnerable, It's ok to be unsure, it's ok to feel - that's what life is really about - just showing up as you are. This is courage and strength and daring greatly. I encourage others to be real and raw and learn how they too can be a part of our amazing community. I am just a mum, a lover of essential oils and natural solutions BUT as a mum I seek other likeminded souls to join a revolution of people empowered and making a difference.

Love and light to you as you journey with me.

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Get The Knowledge You Need For A Healthier Future!

For so long, women have been given false information about how to care for themselves. From marketing myths to lack of education, too many women have so much to learn about the options they have!

From learning about the newest birth control options to discovering new methods to put yourself first emotionally, it’s my goal to help you walk away from this experience feeling more confident and more empowered in your personal health and wellness.

Your health matters and I want to help you get straight answers to your questions, gain new wisdom and feel comfortable, healthy, and beautiful in your body.

I Can’t Wait To Share With You On Wednesday, March 13th At 5:00 pm AEDT!