Foundations to Success with Edge Success

Stop Guessing and Grow with Edge Success

Nearly every person that I’ve met at dōTERRA® has nearly the exact same story…

-I was introduced to the concept of dōTERRA® Essential Oils.
-I was slightly skeptical, but willing to learn.
-I tried the oils and my entire life changed in that very moment.
-I became so passionate about dōTERRA® that I wanted to share it with everyone.
-I am really not sure how to build a business.

Is this your evolution as a Wellness Advocate?

I have a very special opportunity for you starting on Monday, June 5th whether your journey models this sequence exactly, or you can relate to bits and pieces.

Allow me to introduce you to Foundations to Success with Edge Success, which is an interactive experience that teaches you how to launch a wildly successful dōTERRA® business in 30 days.

What You Will Learn

This comprehensive training will become your catalyst for success as it is based on “what works.” Thousands of Wellness Advocates from around the world have implemented the Edge Success system into their business and the outcome has been extraordinary.

During our 30 day business builder focus group, you will learn the following:

-Get on the RIGHT path for you based on your goals and desires
-Access your WHY which is your drive to make a difference
-Understand the Edge System and the Three Doors of Openness
-The key activities that we will be doing to share dōTERRA®
-How to invite to a one on one or a class
-Learn how to leverage your network
-And sooooo much more!

I am also happy to answer any questions, so please be vocal during this experience!

Hosted by:

Carolyn Wiseman

The Perfect Opportunity for Your Team

We have been told that Edge Success business training is not only life-changing for the attendees, but also for the teams where leaders step up and commit to this experience. My hope and desire is that you also consider inviting 100% of your builders to sign up for this training as this experience will get everyone on the same page and with the same foundation for success.

I am excited to guide you starting on 5th June at 9am.